Over the Top!

Using the proper screwdriver, remove the 6 screws that hold on the fuel bowl cover, which is the whole top cover of the carb.

Depending upon which model you have, you will either have a cotter pin, hairpin, e-clip, or a slip-off rod connecting the choke mechanism on the body to the choke flapper on the lid.  I will leave you to figure out which you have, but you will still need to disconnect the cover from the body.

Once you get the cover off, you will see this slotted-screw affair between the bores. Remove the large one and the cast fitting with the two little arms. This is the accelerator pump nozzle. The two brass screws are the air corrector jets for the primary and secondary main circuits.  We won't be messing with these, as that is not part of the scope of this article.

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