'74 MGB: The G-Ster, Ver. 2.0.  

Eric bought this car off of ebay in 2002 with 107K on the clock.

The car had a truly horrible paint job (several actually) that just had to go away.  The decision was made to do a very deep mechanical restoration, and to re-do all of the exterior. The interior is not-too-bad original and is still in the car.

All of those bad paint jobs had to come off before we could get down to building it back up for spraying.  When we got down to factory paint, the body was in excellent shape.  We shot her with catalyzed acrylic enamel and replaced all of the shiny bits.

The engine was rebuilt and well-warmed up. She moved up from the old 4-speed to one with overdrive.

We gave her a full suspension upgrade, with tube shocks, urethane bushes, uprated sway bar and a panhard rod.

Over the years, the engine ran with SUs, then a Weber DCOE, and eventually, a Moss supercharger kit.  This entailed lowering the compression, adding an aluminum head, and finally an MSD module to control timing under boost.

Eric drives this car most every day and has logged over 60,000 miles in the last 5 years, most of it driven "spiritedly', as we like to say. He averages 22 MPG and he can get 24 if he drives with less "spirit".  With 117 HP on the chassis dyno and 135 ft-lbs of torque, can you blame him if he has his fun?

In April of '09, the car was involved in a chain-reaction collision, crushing the front of the body and bending the entire shell half an inch out of square.  After settling with his insurance company, a mostly-restored shell was located in Victoria, BC, and the G-Ster was rebuilt again.

The engine now sports a Mikuni HSR48 carburetor with a modified acceleration pump, giving vastly more power than the HIF44 that came with the Moss blower kit.

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