‘77 MGB, Highly Modified V8

The owner often jokes with me that,"He only came in for a brake job."

The car had already had a '63 Buick 215 shoved in by a previous mechanic, butt he installation was never completed.  The first time the car was driven, it promptly overheated.  Parked in frustration, it sat for 15 years.

The owner contacted me with the intention of fixing a few problems and getting it on the road.  After getting it running, I found so many weird and alarming things that I convinced the owner that it need to be done correctly if he was ever going to be happy with it.

Over the next three years, we took a car that I would have been frightened to take on the road and turned it into the a lovely one-off custom MGB-V8 that turns heads wherever it goes.

Bradley Restoration

Andrew Bradley, Proprietor

14093 Riverbend Rd.

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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