'46 MG TC 0529

Most likely the last of 6 cars purchased by the Warwickshire Constabulary, presumably to pursue miscreants in other sports cars.

According to the scant records that remain, these cars were registered as EUE 380 through EUE 385. Unusually, though luckily for us, the cars were assigned sequential car numbers as well.  Records exist matching cars 0525 through 0828 to registrations EUE 381 through EUE 384. 

Although there are no actual paper records tying the vehicle to the Constabulary, TC 0524 still has the original registration of EUE 380.

This leaves only EUE 385 unaccounted for. Considering that the rest of the cars in the purchase had sequential numbers, it is almost a certainty that TC 0529 is the final car in the fleet. Unless someone comes up with evidence to the contrary, we are going to assume that we have a very good case. 

We can always hope that actual records will eventually surface.

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