Neat Things On the Way...

MegaSquirt Fuel Injection:

MegaSquirt is an open-sourced Stand-Alone fuel injection control unit capable of running fuel injection on a wide variety of engines.  We have the ECUs working on the bench and are getting ready to start work on several installations, ranging from a low-cost throttle-body injection system on an MGB engine to retro-fitting a 3.8 liter Mk2 Jaguar. We Are very excited about the possibilities that MegaSquirt is opening up for us.

Automatic Transmissions for MGBs:

We are working on an adapter kit to put the reliable GM 700R4 automatic transmission into MGBs.  The original Borg-Warner Type 35 was a sluggish, inefficient option available from the factory.  The performance was so poor, very few were sold.  The GM 700R4 was used on 4- and 6-cyliinder vehicles and is considered one of the best available.  It also has the advantage of having an overdriven 4the gear. Stay Tuned…

Updated GM V6 Installations:

We are working closely with Mark Traylor of TCE and Dann Wade of British Car Conversions to offer the latest and greatest way of installing the 60-degree GM V6 into MGBs.  We were so pleased with the completion of the Iris Blue GT we did in '06, we just couldn’t keep from making it that much better.  We have added a power-assisted steering rack from the MGOC in the UK, and the car now has just about every option that could be wished for in a modern B.  Dann has designed a completely new front cover for the powerful FWD engines that will incorporate engine mounts, alternator mount, power steering pump and a mechanical water pump, all run off a single serpentine belt.  Dann has expanded his range of V6 parts to include both top-of-the-line components and parts for more budget-minded installations.

Website-Based Parts Ordering:

Stay tuned for a new way to order parts from B.R.  Not only is Bradley Restoration your local source for parts from Moss, Vic. Brit. and the MGOC, we also have many upgraded parts options that we have only offered by word of mouth. We are working on setting up a web-based store for both standard Moss parts and for the upgraded parts and systems that we offer.

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