'73 MG Midget, Modified

A very warmed-up '73 Midget, designed to be both a head-turner and a daily driver.

A high-compression 1275, a Datsun 5-speed conversion, custom gauge suite and a modern electrical system...

One of the more experimental items in this car is the Mikuni HSR 42 carburetor. Originally designed to replace twitchy Harley-Davidson carbs with more efficient Mikuni performance, these new carbs have all of the features that a little road engine could want.  The Mikuni flat-slide carb can be thought of as a hybrid design, with the high-velocity airflow of an SU, with the tune-ability of a Weber DCOE. Rollers on the back of the slide keep the throttle light and an accelerator pump circuit makes it eminently suitable for a street-driven 4-stroke.

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