MGB Clutch Upgrade

For those of you who have upgraded your engine output, by over-boring or even supercharging, there is a simple upgrade that will make your clutch stick better without having to resort to the calf-punishing of a performance or race clutch.

When replacing you clutch components, buy parts singly. Get a good clutch pressure plate like the Borg & Beck that comes in the clutch kit from Moss, 190-808.

Now, purchase a clutch disk for a 4-speed TR7, Moss 071-302. It is .250" larger on the OD, but has identical ID, spline and spring arrangement.  It fits the stock pressure plate and there is plenty of surface on the stock B flywheel as well.  It gives 23% more friction surface, while requiring the exact same pedal pressure as the stock clutch kit.

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