Nigel Shiftright, Automotive Anachronism

Created by Joe Troise and Phil Frank, Nigel Shiftright graced the pages of Road & Track Magazine.  

To quote Phil in a SF Chronicle article in 2007 "Nigel is an Anglophile, loving all things British and imagining himself to be an unrecognized member of British royalty living in the United States with a fleet of spindly-wheeled old cars at his estate on Flapping Bonnet Lane. Nigel refuses to ride in any "sports car" that has electric windows. He also has personal conversations with his vehicles. The magazine did a six-page story about Nigel's  personal MG TC entitled "Four Angry Cylinders."

My mother knew Phil professionally via the Academy of Art, but both of my parents knew Phil socially (octagonally?) via the Abingdon Rough Riders, a club in the SF bay area devoted to MG cars, TC and earlier.  He would often dash off little sketches to include in the Rough Rider Review, the club newsletter.

Joe  Troise and Susan Frank have graciously given me permission to set up this little tribute to Nigel.

(If you have any Nigels that are missing here, or have better scans, please contact me!)

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