British Car Links

Here is just a start on my vast collection of sources. I will add the main ones first, and then top up the more obscure links as I get time.

Moss Motors
One of the best sources for parts for MG, TR, Jaguar and Healey parts
Victoria British
Another good source for parts. Know what you need. The salepeople are just that...
The Roadster Factory
Specializing in parts for Triumphs, they are branching out into BGBs. Very knowlegable sales staff.
Brit-Tek Ltd.
MGB engine kits, trim and performance.
MG Owner's Club Accesories
I am one of the few MGOC distributors in the US. They have lots of great accesories for later MGs, and I can get them.
Advanced Distributors: Distributor Repair at its Finest!
Jeff Schlemmer does the absolute best work in bringing Lucas distributors up to snuff for modern driving. I don't even bother doing them myself anymore, Jeff does such a good job.
MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer
The MegaSquirt project is one of the most exciting thing to come down the pike in years. A Build-it-yourself fuel injection system that will drive most anything. I have several ongoing projects using this system.

Bradley Restoration

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