Front End

Here we have a look at the front end, before it was installed in the car.

You can see the MGOC coil-over suspension kit, the stainless brake hose and the Wilwood 4-piston caliper, all hooked up on newly-rebuilt kingpins. The rotors are slotted and cross-drilled, though  it does not show in the picture.

The suspension is fully adjustable for caster, camber and toe-in, as opposed to the stock arrangement, which only accounts for toe-in.  In addition, ride height can be adjusted be simply turning the coil spring perch up or down the shock.  Finally, the shocks have adjustable valving to suit your ride preference. Polyurethane bushings should last for the life of the car. Once assembled and set up, the suspension will stay where it is put, with no leaky lever shocks or rubber bushes to constantly renew.

The Wilwood pads are very gentle on the rotors, though the car stops like a race car, in part die to the wide footprint of the 195-series tires.

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