Its good enough for a Ferrari...


The Weber DCNF was a very compact carburetor used on many V-8 and V-12 engines, such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Several companies now make DCNF-format throttle bodies to retro-fit fuel injection onto these classics. Additionally, it is just  about the smallest rpre-existing package that we could find that would give us what we needed. This unit from Borla is good to well over 170 HP and has a throttle positions sensor. We chose a pair of 65 #/hr injectors, to give us the option of increasing power with a larger bore size at the next engine rebuild. Sadly, there is no provision for an IAC valve, so we just went with a remote IAC body. 

The cardboard mockup was for checking clearances with a K&N filter. We ended up going with a larger foam filter...

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