Build Details


The engine is a low-mileage 3.5 FWD unit out of an '06 Chevy Malibu.

Fuel: External swirl-pot out of GTI VW, with integrated Bosch fuel pump and filter, fed by low-pressure Carter fuel pump.  Adjustable Edelbrock fuel pressure regulator at engine inlet.

Exhaust: TCE headers into PECO large bore tailpipe and silencer, via custom-fabricated Y-pipe.

Cooling: Late MGB radiator with high-efficency core, AFCO Racing fan and shroud, Summit electric water pump. 

Mounting: TCE Motorsports MARC-I Billet front cover, with matching mounts. TCE alternator bracket and FWD-RWD conversion hardware.

Transmission: Rebuilt GM 700-R4 automatic. Lokar tunnel-mounted shifter. Locar LED shift indicator and safety ignition lockout module. Universal TV (kickdown) cable.

Injection: Megasquirt II v3.0 ECU w/ baro-correcting sensor, relay box, harness wiring. Innovate LC-1 wideband oxygen sensor controller, TCE billet throttle body, TCE crank trigger wheel, GM sensors. Lokar throttle cable.

Engine Bay Mods: Driver's bulkhead modified to clear left cylinder head and transmission, as per late MGB bodies.  Engine mounts removed. Radiator mount panels removed and replaced with '77-on panels. Front cross-brace replaced with later panels to mount oil cooler underneath and fit late-style radiator. Reproduction bonnet mislocated center brace removed and inner pressings reinforced with pillar foam.

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